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Seeing a Downtrend in Your Business?

At times, it may happen that despite having the right knowledge, the perfect skills, relentless dedication,

your company does not achieve the success that you always wanted.

You may find that your efforts are going in vain

and you are not achieving the dream sales figures.

A business name numerology session can reveal several factors

that can have a detrimental effect on your life,

the numbers that influence your company name can be very crucial.

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Clueless about What's Causing Downfall of Your Business?

It could be that your business name needs a numerological correction.


Business is all about Numbers

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Why Business Name Numerology?

It's the Invisible Hand That Pushes Your Business to Great Heights!

Our clients reported a soaring increase in their business after they got their numerology fixed by us.

The best part was they didn’t increase their marketing spend at all!

If it’s all about ROI, it’s a no-brainer move to address your numerology issues.

Food for thought for the Logical Mind

For a logical mind, numerology might be hard to believe and they think that it’s just a mind game for the weak. Perhaps what they don’t realize is it acts as an invisible hand that works in the background providing that MUCH NEEDED LIFT to your business.

Gravity CAN’T BE SEEN, but it’s the reason why we all are alive!

The real argument that you need to have with yourself is whether you want to tap the science of numerology to harness your own growth or fight against it?

Media houses, filmmakers, sports mega enterprises made no mistake in grasping the power of numerology and got their names fixed as per numerology.

The Choice is Yours!

Being an entrepreneur, you know the path of least resistance to achieve target and milestones is a great virtue.

The Proven System of Sheelaa M Bajaj

Multi-dimensional approach

Identify the source of the issue

Tackle the issue with her laser focussed methods

Applies her experience of two decades in numerology field

Reflects her global learning in the numerology field


A Right Business Name is Vital for a Stupendous Success!

Consult Sheela M Bajaj for gaining deep insights into your business name

>> 30 Minutes of Skype Session – Take from anywhere in the world <<

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Amazing Customer Stories

  I got my business name done by Sheela ji 2 years ago and my business was stuck before she corrected my business name. After she did numerology on the business name, I started flourishing and growing so fast. The profits, and growth and the money I was making started increasing, it was almost like a miracle or a dream come true- Sanjay

That name correction, I have to admit was a turning point in my life. Thank you Sheelaa. No words can do justice to my gratitude. Sheela’s service is beyond amazing and awesome. I highly recommend anyone in a stuck situation to visit Sheela Bajaj. Her whole recommendation process is like a rebirth for you.


What are You Waiting for?

Join hundreds of businessmen who reaped the benefits of numerological name correction by Sheelaa M Bajaj

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Happy Business Owners Speak.

Make your Choice Now !

Encash the benefits of the science of numerology for your professional and business growth and dominance

>> Schedule an Online Skype session with India’s most sought-after celebrity numerologist <<

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