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Gemstones for SUCCESS

Planetary energies is something we cannot touch, see or feel. We can experience what planetary forces are according to our life experiences. There are people who say I put in all the hard work and nothing works out, that is an example of planetary energies not supporting us.

And there are exactly opposite stories of people saying I seem to attract opportunities likes a magnet and things happen with ease. This is because when planets have your back, you feel a momentum and a boost even if you have just put in very little effort.

So planets rule our date of birth, and our name. If you have a kich kich planet in your dob( 4,7 and 8) you are going to feel a resistance to whatever efforts you put in. And if u have a positive dob with great planets( 1,3,5,6) you will have great experiences and support from them towards all areas of  your life.

but sometimes, even people with a great dob face the struggles of  4,7 and 8. WHY?

Because the name also carries planetary energies. thats why name corrections are done.

To remove the bad planet from the name and make the name lucky or positive.

There are two things that can be achieved in  a name correction.

  1. Correcting a problem
  2. Enhancement

A lot of people consult Sheelaa M  Bajaj to correct a problem, but a whole lot of people want to enhance their name and get a Power Victory Name or a Power Victory Plus or a Business Power victory Plus name to make them  money or success magnets.

There are other things one can do to activate and enhance their planets.

  1. Yantras
  2. Gemstones

Precious stones offer energy support like nothing else does. It acts as a frequency absorbing device and helps us connect , absorb and get the best of planetary energies.

Choosing the right stone with high energies are done by Sheelaa M Bajaj herself.

A stone with a high jewellery value need not have great energy value. In fact some stones have specific inclusions which enhance the energy of the gemstone. Sometimes a stone has high great clarity and value but the energy of the stone may not suit the person wearing it.

Stones can also help people going through a bad planetary phase like sade sati or shani maha dasa or rahu dasa.

The recommendation of gemstones is based not only on Numerology but a combination of Numerology and Astrology. special tools and instruments are used to check the energy of the stone and the energy compatibility with the person wanting to wear it.

Just because a stone has high energy, it doesnt mean it will suit everyone, that is why in the old days a stone was tied to the arm or kept under the pillow to check if it works for the person.

After the stone is made into the ring or pendant it is energised and consecrated for 40 days.
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