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Speaking Tree Award for Best Numerologist 

January 28, 2017
Sheelaa M Bajaj was recently nominated and awarded the Good Karma award for Best Numerologist in India by Speaking Tree. The award was given by Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff.  ...

Sheelaa M Bajaj in the BIGG BOSS Mansion

January 14, 2017
Sheela Bajaj in Kannada Bigg Boss Mansion. See all the action on Colors Kannada TV.

Bay Leaf Ritual to Cleanse Blocks

January 14, 2017
In this article, Sheelaa Bajaj explains how bay leaf ritual can be utilized to cleanse blocks.

LUCKY Gemstones according to NUMEROLOGY

December 9, 2016
We are all ruled by planets in our date of birth and in our name. When we are ruled by bad planets in our date of birth we can make...

Is your name causing the struggle in your life

October 23, 2016
This is for all my listeners on FEVER 104 Your date of birth planets and numbers are creating a disaster or helping you with your success and money. Sometimes people...

Times Retail Icon Award for Best Numerologist

August 23, 2016
Award-winning Numerologist Sheelaa M Bajaj received an award from Sumalatha Ambarish and Vivek Oberoi  As the Best Numerologist at the Times Retail Icon awards. Numerology is now being recognized in...

Free telegram group

August 3, 2016
This is the link for the FREE telegram group. This group is A FREE class for anyone who desires to get free tips and guidance from Sheelaa M Bajaj Join...

Whats the Root Cause?

June 18, 2016
I get a lot of people who approach me with complex problems. Once I evaluate the root cause, the problem is planetary. If the problem is coming from the planets,...

Activate Recognition, Fame, Wealth, Career Growth, And Relationships

June 12, 2016
As promised on my show The Number game on Fever 104, here are the activators you can place in your house to activate your career recognition fame money and marriage...

Udta Punjab and Numerology

June 12, 2016
A lot of controversy surrounds this film Udta Punjab. So how do numbers play a role in this whole controversy? Udta Punjab is ruled by planets that cause inconsistency, ups,...
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