Divorces and Numerology

Divorces and Numerology

Numbers can play havoc in marriages and conjugal happiness.
Numbers can disrupt the harmony in any relationship.
Through the years iv had clients approach me with marital problems or in blockages in finding the right partner.
And boy its hard work to set the glitch right.

As mentioned in my posts for Number 7.
Ketu is the planet that doesn’t favor marriages and relationships.

Marriage and relationship problems because of Ketu is evident in Bollywood, at work, and amongst everyone.

If Ketu doesn’t play havoc in marriages, its playing havoc with office politics and friends.

Number 7 people find it hard to find the right partner. And if they do find someone they find it hard to have a happy harmonious relationship.

Ketu could be ruling your date of birth or name.
Get a name analysis and consultation if you’re going through a relationship problem or marital problem.
If Ketu is causing the problem,
The problem can be fixed.

If you are a Number 7 and face the same issues.
Share your experiences with us.

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I want my name and date of birth analysed. How do I contact you personally as I don’t want to share my issues with anybody other than you.

Hi I want to contact you in naming my baby boy .need it urgently kindly let me know how to contact personally

my date of birth is 19/5/1990 timing 12.10 midnite my name is darshan mallappa hullalada facing issues in marriage any changes needed. plz help us out with this.

I want to contact u so please can u tell me how to contact you? I am getting divorce so i need some clarities of life so please…..

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