Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Every Question You Have About Numerology Answered!

Every Question You Have About Numerology Answered!

  • ‘Is this the right time to buy a car?
  • Is my baby’s name lucky?
  • Are mine and my partner’s life paths intertwined?’

If these are questions that have crossed your mind, the answers will find you in this article. Read and open your mind to endless possibilities!

The science of applying numbers to human affairs sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Numerology is a fascinating tool that lets people understand more about themselves, their mind, their body and their spirit, through numbers. If you’re new to Numerology and are looking to learn about it, you’re at the right place! In this article, you’ll find answers to your queries like 一 What is numerology and how it works? What is numerology used for? And deeper insights into its origins and philosophies. 

Numbers have always dominated the basis of innumerable aspects of life; seasons, music notes, geometry, currencies, etc. Everything in this world is connected to the mystical properties of numbers, in one way or another. Numerological analysis can determine a person’s personality, behaviour, lucky day, lucky number, cause of misfortune, future source of fortune etc. which you will discover in the next section of this article. 

Calculating Birth Number 
Your birth number depends on the day you were born on.
Say, a person is born on 9th September. Then their birth number is 9. 
But if your birthdate is double-digit, boil it down to a single-digit to find your birth number. 
Say, a person is born on 25th January. Then their birth number is 7. This number is obtained by adding the two digits of their birth date to get a single digit.
I.e. 2 + 5 = 7  
The birth number can help you discover yourself; strengths, weaknesses and personality traits can also be deducted through this number. 
Calculating Life Path Number
Say, a person was born on the 22nd Day of May 1996. By adding the numbers from left to right you’ll find out which number they belong to:
Date of birth: 22/05/1996
Step 1 : 2 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 6 =  34 
Step 2 : 3 + 4 = 7 
This person is governed by the number 7. This number cannot be changed and hence, is the most important and influential number in a person’s life and is known to be their ‘life path number’. 


Let’s take another example. Say a person was born on the 8th day of January 2000. By adding the numbers from left to right you’ll find out which number they belong to :
Date of birth: 08/01/2000
Step 1 : 0 + 8 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 +0 = 11 
Step 2 : 1 + 1 = 2 
The number 2 is this person’s life path number. This number is absolute and cannot be changed. Hence they are governed by this number. 

Below you’ll find the distinctive type of person you are by the number you’re governed by –

NumberThe type of person governed by this number 
1Character: clear self-identity, resolute, desires action, seeks new path, takes on duties and responsibilities 
Ruled by: sun
They make strong assertive leaders as they are assertive, confident and perceptive. 
2Character: The silent knower, calm, just, intuitive and a peace-maker 
Ruled by: Moon 
They tend to be diplomatic sensitive individuals who make great judges, mediators and lawyers 
3Character: Frank, forceful and motivate others 
Ruled by: Jupiter 
They are optimistic and tend to enjoy life to the fullest. They have a good sense of humour and a real interest in others, making them very popular. 
4Character: Hardworking, dependable, ethical and knowledge seekers. 
Ruled by: Rahu 
They tend to be extremely cautious and like to maintain order and routine. They also help others find stability and security while maintaining a good balance between give and take. 
5Character: Courageous, passionate, responsive, quick to grasp and learn 
Ruled by: Mercury 
They have the ability to adapt and change freely as they are free spirits with a sense of adventure and curiosity about life. 
6Character: Considered the ‘mother’ number. It symbolises responsibility and service achieved through love, nurturing and protection. 
Ruled by: Venus 
They are charming and loveable with an attractive personalities.
7Character: Spiritual, intuitive and sensitive. 
Ruled by: Ketu 
They adapt and adjust easily to change and hence remain happy within themselves. 
8Character: Honest, dependable, and with tremendous self-discipline and courage. 
Ruled by: Saturn 
They have a lot of potential for improving the lives of millions of people in practical ways. 
9Character: Highly intelligent, compassionate, kind and independent 
Ruled by: Mars 
They have a happy-go-lucky approach to life and are more than capable of coping with life’s ups and downs. 


Have you tried it out yet? Tell us in the comments what your number and personality are!

There are several other things like your positive qualities, your personality, what numbers are lucky and unlucky for you, etc. that can be revealed through numerology! 

Keep reading to understand the art, science and history of numerology, and how you can apply numerology to your advantage in your daily life 一 even the most sceptical will be impressed by what we are about to reveal. 

What Is Numerology and How Does It Work?

The universe is a system that once stripped down, is made of basic elements of numbers. Numerology is built on the foundation of finding the meaning behind these numbers and acquiring information about the world and yourself through these meanings. For most material scientists, numbers are just a tool to compare and quantify. But for numerologists, numbers hold a profound significance and represent aspects of human behavior and personality.

Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, believed that the entire universe could be expressed through numbers and that everything that happens around us is the result of numbers. The theory of Numerology states that every number has a vibration of its own. Using this technique, you can assess the character and destiny of a person, a business, an address or anything you can think of, provided it has a name or a starting date that you can use to calculate vibrations.  

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

The word ‘tarot’ is said to have derived from the Italian word ‘tarocchi.’ A tarot card reading is a tool of divination to help you get answers to your questions. Practitioners use tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future. If you’re encountering a crossroads in your life, a tarot card reading can be your saviour! 

There are two different types of tarot readings — question readings and open readings. In question readings, a specific question is addressed. The way a question is stated is very important. There are also yes or no tarot readings, where the answer to a question is either  ‘yes’ or  ‘no’. These types of readings are very popular and beneficial. In open readings, a request for guidance is made and it’s not tied to a particular problem. Meaning, there is no specific question and you are communicated what you need to know at a given moment.  

“Your name is looked into and changed based on your personal and professional life. The vibration of your name can be made so amazing that you attract magical and yummy things in your life. It’s not like one formula that fits all. Depending on your planetary interaction, I will see what works and what doesn’t work for you. I like to follow a holistic approach and follow all methods that I know to fix the crack in the foundation to make sure everything is taken care off and that it adds up” 

  • Sheela M Bajaj, Numerology expert

So many of us spend hours zig-zagging through life trying to find what’s best for us. We are often confused and do not understand ourselves or our life path. Numerology can help you find and unlock knowledge of your inner self and help you align to your life path, through self-examinations and contemplation. Understanding the vibrations of each number associated with your life and arriving at a simple and accurate meaning can help you find desired success. It always takes a good road map to help you arrive at your desired location. Similarly, it takes a good Numerologist to help you find your path. Consult the best Numerologist in India to have your inner self revealed.  

How Do I Discover Myself Through Numerology? 

Now let’s talk about what numerology is used for and what you can learn about yourself through Numerology.  

A person has many numbers connected to them like a destiny number, personality number, heart number, hidden passion number, life path number, birth number, etc. All of these can be calculated to understand more about yourself. You can get numerological readings to find the answers to many questions一 the type of job that will suit you, confusion about relationships, to decide the most favourable days to organize important events, and even shed light on your personality, behaviour and future opportunities in career and personal life, etc. 

Things Numerology Can Help You Uncover: 

  1. Destiny Number
  2. Personality Number 
  3. Heart Number 
  4. Hidden Passion Number 
  5. Your Higher Numbers
  6. List of Fates 
  7. Life Path Number 
  8. Personal Year Fortunes 
  9. Personal Month Fortunes 
  10. Readings for Any Day of the Year

All these aspects can help you get a better understanding of yourself and guide you on a faster path to success. Relationships, health, profession and leisure 一 hurdles in all of these can be solved through Numerology. 

The Roots of Numerology  

Many different cultures have turned to numbers to gain a clearer understanding of who they are, how they work, and how their world operates. The history of Numerology is deeply rooted in the moral philosophies and wisdom of the ancient past. The first symbols for alphabets and numbers were not just symbols of sounds and quantities. They were designed by great spiritual minds to reveal deeper meanings to those initiated into the mysteries. The origins of numerology can be traced back to ancient civilizations in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, India and China. It also has deep roots in religion, for example, the number 666 is associated with the beast while the number 888 is associated with the Lord. Most western Numerologists draw their method of practice from Pythagoras who developed his own ‘Pythagorean system’ of Numerology in the 6th century BC. However, there is no definite answer for where it originated from and what the true method of numerology is. Different types of Numerology were understood and comprehended in different ways in different cultures. 

The Different Types of Numerology

  • Chaldean Numerology: It finds its origin in the ancient civilization of Babylon and focuses on the mystical power of numbers, hence also known as ‘Mystic Numerology’. It is known to be the oldest form of Numerology and is reputed for its accuracy and precision while making predictions. This system is not widely used because of its complexity.

  • Pythagorean Numerology: As mentioned earlier, Pythogarean numerology is a system that is used popularly today and is also referred to as Western Numerology as it originated from ancient Greece. The Pythagorean system is based on numbers and their vibrations. This system is more straightforward compared to the Chaldean system.
  • Kabbalah Numerology: This form of Numerology is known to have originated from Hebrew mystical science which evolved from Judaism. It is an easier yet powerful way of learning about yourself and your future. Here they analyze the values the letter of the alphabet holds to help people discover their inner self. 
  • Indian / Vedic / Tamil Numerology: This is also known to be the oldest form of Numerology. The system focuses on the numbers one through nine and revolves around the analysis of three main numbers, i.e. destiny number, name number and psychic number. Each of these numbers provides greater insights into a person’s life and future endeavours. 

The different types of numerological systems aren’t just limited to these, but these are the most popular and accurate systems that you should be familiar with when consulting a Numerologist. 

How Numerology Can Change Your Life 

Numerology can be incredibly beneficial in both your business and personal life. It is always important to look for the vibrations behind a date when booking important events to get desirable outcomes. A highly skilled Numerologist like Sheelaa M Bajaj, who is also the best numerologist in India, can help you pick dates and names for important events and steer you clear of warning signs and red flags. Besides assisting you in planning events, a professional numerologist will help you recognize your own strengths and challenges that are associated with your base numbers and build confidence within yourself to achieve your dreams and ambitions. 

 “The power of numerology lies in changing your name to attract yumminess of planets that suit you based on your date of birth. It can be made strong to override the negative effect of your date of birth as well. If you are going through a kich kich because of bad planets, a name change can overpower that and make it strong to nullify the effects of the bad planet”

  • Sheelaa M Bajaj, Numerology expert 

Here are a few of the many things a Numerologist can help you with 一 

  • Making difficult decisions in life, both personal and career-related
  • Finding the perfect timing to carry out critical decisions and choices 
  • Finding the purpose of your spirit and bringing you close to opportunities 
  • Finding out about the people you have involved in your life 
  • Warning you about anything that could obstruct your path to success 

In short, a Numerologist can help you solve the problems that you might be facing in life and put you on the path to success. So, if you ever find yourself stuck at rock bottom, or if you’re in a confused state of mind, get in touch with the best numerologist in India to find your answers. 

Words of Those Whose Lives Have Been Changed by Numerology

Jyothi –

Hello to everyone. I just wanted to share a little bit of my story. When I asked Papa for advice through ritual questions, like whether I would stay in my current job for a long time, he replied, “no.” I didn’t understand then because that job is very important for me to run the show. Today, I received a better offer than my current job, and it was from my favourite company, HSBC. All of this has strengthened my faith in Papa. After only a month of name correction, I already have two job offers. This is only possible through Papa’s miracles and magic. Thank you very much Sheelaa M Bajaj, Harmman Preett and Pranjall R Sharma for guiding me and supporting me during this journey. Achhe din aagaye! 


Hello all, I wanted to share that I got my name corrected from Sheelaa ma’am in the month of May. The purpose was to improve my health and career. I am very happy to share that I have an upcoming online group exhibition of my artworks! Although I believe faith and belief plays a major role in energising us, I would like to thank Sheelaa ma’am and her team for helping me achieve this milestone. This experience has helped me build up my confidence and I am truly grateful for that.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Numerology Number?

A Numerology number is a number between one and nine that governs a person’s life. 

What are the 5 Numbers in Numerology?

Numerologists can help you figure out the five numbers that influence your existence. These are 一 the Life Path Number, Birth Day Number, Expression Number, Personality Number, and Heart’s Desire Number

How do I Figure Out my Numerology Number?

There are different methods employed to find different base numbers that influence your existence. You can calculate your life path number by reducing your birth date to a single-digit number by adding from the left to the right. It is best to consult a numerologist to find out the other numbers that govern your life

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