Great Leaders and Numerology

Great Leaders and Numerology

Great leaders have a hidden quality in them. And leadership qualities and that X factor that a leader needs me
Can be identified through numerology and hidden planets in their date of birth or name.

Number 9 is ruled by Mars and is a powerful fiery planet that makes people who are born under this number perfect for a cause. Fight for a cause or simply fight.
They have the quality to stand up for a cause and fight for it.

Some of the best leaders and people who are great with politics are number 9,s.

9’s always stand up for what’s right rather than who’s right.
They are very just and fair people.
Not diplomatic and extremely fair in all transactions.
They have so much potential energy that when not channeled in the right direction it is left unutilized or wasted. They turn angry and self-destructive.

Eg of leaders born under Number 9.

Mahatma Gandhi
Nelson Mandela
Mother Teresa

Numerology can determine the hidden abilities that lie beneath a person’s name and dob.

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