Healing Crystal Jewelry – How They Work?

Healing Crystal Jewelry – How They Work?

Crystals are natural formations that our earth gives us. Nature has special magical qualities and abilities that haven’t been fully discovered. Every now and then healers and gemstone experts bring in new insights into the healing attributes of crystals.

Crystals are decorative and carry abilities to absorb negativity, attract good luck, prosperity and help you find your soulmate.

As a young teenager, I always questioned.

How do Healing Crystals work?

I was always fascinated by the look of crystals. I would get instantly drawn to a crystal and feel a connection to it.
These crystals carry special energies trapped in them.

Every crystal has a frequency and quality of energy it radiates. Depending on the frequency it sends out and the intention or program it carries it attracts certain energies.

for example, rose quartz carries pink energies and is connected to Archangel chamuel. This crystal can be used to attract love or change harsh angry energy to love energies around you.

The crystal needs to also be programmed with instruction. All crystals need to be cleaned before they are used as uncleansed crystals carry energy imprints on other people who have touched it before.

The miners, the wholesales, retailers, salespeople, clients, the polish man, the cutter, and perhaps the jeweler.
every crystal goes through a couple of hundreds of hands and as a sponge it absorbs negative energies from all the people who have touched it. Crystals need to be specially cleaned with salt and essences, oils. they need to be smudged with resins and then energized.

Different crystals can be used for different purposes. Some can be combined with other talismans and rune engravings to enhance the therapeutic value of the crystals.


  • Powerful cleanser and regenerator
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity when worn in a pendant.
  • A great emotional cleanser. It can be used to help people who are gloomy or depressed.
  • Raises self-esteem and confidence.
  • It helps people overcome the difficulty in verbalizing their thoughts and feelings.
  • It helps the person wearing feel happy and full of joy.
  • Emotional balancer.
  • It helps you hold on to your wealth and attract more of it.
  • It is a mind revitalizer.
  • It releases negative traits and fears from the deepest level.
  • When worn it also stops anger.
  • It is an eliminating stone- relieves constipation and removes cellulite.
  • When placed in the wealth corner of the house it attracts wealth.
  • Citrine rocks are extremely powerful.
  • When found with mica, its positive effects are enhanced.
  • Citrine rocks from Australia, clusters from brazil and Africa are the most powerful in energy.
  • Citrines must be cleansed before wearing them.

Winged Disk

Winged Disk is one of the most powerful stones for Career growth and business success. It shortens the gap between what we want and the goal. It fuels our efforts. It needs to be cleansed and energized before wearing it. the first cleansing and energizing of a winged disk pendant is extremely important. An uncleansed pendant can cause more damage than benefit because it carries energy imprints from previous people who have handled or touched it.

A Winged disk can help people who are unemployed to get a job. works as a remedy for getting a job. This stone and pendant also works fabulously for people wanting a promotion or to crack a business deal. This pendant when worn alone, is not as effective as it works when activated with yang energy. The yang activator and the winged disk work miraculously as recognition, career growth activators.

Ankh pendant

Attracts love, helps one find your twin soul or soul mate. Once this crystal is programed it can help people find their perfect partner. An uncleansed crystal raw or polished can cause more damage than benefit.
Imported crystals are powerful and not as weak as Indian crystals.

Pendants with rune inscriptions of all these crystals are Sold at The Isis School.
They are all carefully cleansed and energized.
On request, these pendants can be individually programmed.

Other Crystals

Horus A- education, concentration, strong will, clarity, peace, reduces stress, tranquility, cleansing effect

Hathor- Protection, Shielding against the evil eye. Protection against Nazar, Black Magic, and Psychic Attacks.
Available in Pendant and Rock form.

Buddhist amulets are also available for protection and shielding.

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The name correction done by Sheila. Bajaj worked powerfully for me. I got a promotion2 weeks after I got the correction from Sheela Bajaj.

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