Is Your Business Name Numerology Bringing You Success

Like your own names, your businesses are equally influenced by the names you choose for them. The numerical values of your business’ name can make or break the way to success. Business name numerology or company name numerology involves summing up the numerical values of every letter in your business’ name to determine the ruling numbers for your brand. The name you choose can only only give your brand its personality but also ensure how it will perform or function through the years.

Entrepreneurs everywhere know and understand the impact their brand or business names can make in the right setting. For those that unearthed the key to choosing an ideal name, a business name numerology consultation is never far behind. There is never a dearth of businessmen consulting numerologists like Sheelaa M Bajaj on the perfect name for their business that will bring in prosperity and positive vibes.

Trickling down the ancient days, the practice of numerology has made it to this century owing to the accuracy of the readings and the potential it uncovers for individuals and businesses alike. For those starting a venture of their own and those struggling to make sense of their business, a key question to ask yourself is this – will your business name bring you the success you desire?

The Importance of Company Name Numerology

Your company or business has as much personality as a living being, with an energy signature that breathes life into the business. As a tool that attracts or brings in the right vibrations and energies to your business entity, a brand name numerology is essential for the following reasons:

Creating the right marker perception:

The ruling numbers associated with your business have the power to influence your audience’s perception of the brand. It can also determine how the market views your business as a whole. With the right insights to guide you, you can make the right decisions in naming or renaming your business or brand.

Aligning with the right vibrations and energies:

Like life path numbers that every individual comes with, businesses have their own numbers – destiny numbers. These are numbers that influence not only the growth and success of your company but also influence the potential of your business based on the energies harnessed by the company name.

Shaping your business identity:

Your company’s name has the ability to reach out to the right target audience and shape your business’ identity. Through company name numerology, you can ensure that the name of your business aligns with the goals and essence of the brand.

Have You Chosen the Right Name?

While choosing a business name based on the industry and nature of work is essential, another thing that can be an influencing factor is the numerology of the business name you choose. There is much debate whether certain numbers actually bring in negative vibes. Although it is relatively true, numerological compatibility plays a vital role in identifying whether the number in question is really unlucky for you.

Top numerologists agree that a business or brand name should not only reflect your expectations for the business’ future but also brim with positivity. One way to really know if you have chosen the right name for your business is to understand the aspects determining the success of a name in numerology.

The Key Aspects in a Business Name Numerology

There are a number of determining factors that together work to impact and influence a business name. Some of these include:

The Destiny Number:

This number is calculated based on the letters in your business’ name. Summing up the numbers associated with each letter in the name reveals the kind of energy your business holds. The numbers also determine what your business can represent. Where the number 8 signifies material abundance, the number 2 symbolises leadership and so on.

The Soul Urge Number:

The soul urge number also includes calculating the numerical values associated with the letters within your business number. However, it only calculates the vowels within the number. The soul urge number is said to represent what motivates and drives your business.

The Expression Number:

The expression number calculates all of the consonants within your business name to get an understanding of how your business expresses itself. This also determines how your customers view your business or brand.

The business name you choose should not only align with how you envision your business but also with the goals you have set for the company. Company name numerology allows you to identify your potential by gleaning insights into what the name holds for your business. Like our own name, your business will also attract energies and vibrations that will impact and influence the business over the years. Sharing your vision with your numerologist can also help them guide you in choosing the right name that flows just right with your ambition and vision.

Using Numerology in Choosing Your Business Name

It doesn’t take much to choose the perfect name for your business if you have the right numerologist to consult. A number of celebrated numerologists help you incorporate the right business name through their wisdom and expertise. Here’s a step-by-step guide about everything that goes into naming a business with the help of numerology:


Everything begins with a consultation. You do not want to go into naming your business through a half-hearted research on business name numerology. No matter how much you read up on it, you may not have the intuition needed to truly understand what you and your business require in terms of the energies and vibrations that each name can bring. During your consultation, your numerologist will need to understand what your business is all about, and your visions and goals pertaining to the business and the future you envision.


Equipped with a better understanding of your needs, your numerologist will identify the right ruling numbers for your business based on which you can create a worthy business name.


Let’s explore the connection between Number 4 and Tarot cards and its astrological associations:

The numerical values of the destiny, soul urge, and expression number should align with the goals of the business. If creativity and innovation is what you desire for your business, the name and numbers need to be apt considering the symbolism of every number.

Apart from aligning with your goals and visions, your business name should also attract the right energies and vibrations ideal for its growth. All of this is better accomplished with a renowned numerologist by your side.

While simply relying on business name numerology does not mean immediate success for your business, it offers the platform needed to attract the right energies and shape your business into what you need it to be. The positive vibrations associated with your business name can open pathways for you that would otherwise remain closed, allowing you to grow and thrive. Numerology, as a tool, can serve as the right avenue with a numerologist to help you understand your potential better. So, make sure you find the right numerologist to consult so  your business venture can make it through.

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