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Need to Know About Numerology

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New age mysticism has taken hold over much of the world. But what many fail to realize is the ancientry of the practice of numerology. Numerology is no new term. In fact, the principles and practices of numerology could even have existed since the evolution of the first sentient being.

Numerology has lately become popular across the globe, owing to its accuracy and the mysticism it holds. In fact, fans of the Harry Potter series can vividly recall arithmancy as a subject at their school of magic, which could very well be the magical, fictional term for numerology.

With instances and mentions of numerology throughout history and the present, it is only evident how vital it can be to also predict the future.

Before we move on to how numerologists online today play a crucial part in helping people better their lives, we must first understand what numerology really is and how it came about.

What is Numerology All About?

A part of astrology, numerology is the study of numbers to predict life and self-discover your purpose, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Your numerology chart acts as a guide to your life, helping you identify the right paths to take and the right decisions to make.

The practice involves six numbers – the life path number, the birth number, and the attitude number – all of which are extracted from one’s date of birth, and the power number, the soul’s urge number, and the personality number – all of which are extracted from the alphabets or letters in one’s name.

All of these numbers have great significance with the most important being the life path number. Every number is related to a particular energy which helps numerologists identify your personality and the paths that align with you.

The Origin of Numerology

There is proof of numerology blooming as a practice during the time of Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, who studied numbers and their significance in 500 BC. His theories about numbers and what they symbolise led him to use people’s birth dates to offer clear descriptions of their personalities. His study and findings were also the inspiration behind creating zodiac signs.

Origin of Numerology

Pythagoras believed that numbers are the key to everything in the universe. His belief that a single digit can represent everything has been summarised as the Pythagorean Number System and is part of modern numerology practices.

While this is recorded proof, numerology can be more ancient than even Pythagoras.

Over the years, numerology has been categorized into several numerology systems, each depending on the origin or culture that has influenced the practice.

Apart from the Pythagorean number system, many also follow the Chaldean numerology, the Tamil numerology, and the Kabbalah numerology.

You Can Know What Life Has in Store for You

free numerology readings - Sheela tarot reader

Your free numerology readings online can help a numerologist to identify your strengths and weaknesses, your character,  the profession that could be more opportune for you, your relationships, as well as your purpose in life.

Decision-Making Is More Rewarding

If you’ve ever been stuck making decisions, numerology is certainly a great solution for you. Rather than choosing a path that leads to regret, numerology can help you find the path that aligns with your numerology chart, making your decision fulfilling.

Your Relationships Become Stronger

Numerology can clearly analyses your temperament and nature and that of your loved ones, allowing you to identify what your partner or loved ones around you need from the relationship. By being more cognizant and aware of the relationship and its needs, you can form stronger bonds and know what the future holds for the relationships in question.

Your Business and Career Will See More Growth

‘What’s in a name?’ isn’t a phrase you should take lightly. The name of your company or business can have a lot of influence on your life. With numerology, you can better choose your business name or your office to invite positivity and growth into your career.

You Can Use Numerology For Name Numerology

Numerology is often used for name numerology where it helps identify the name that could bring you the most luck and prosperity. This particular practice is also used while naming newborn babies or naming new companies and ventures.

You Can Make Fruitful Investments

Property investment isn’t just using capital to buy property at a convenient location within your budget. The energy of the home, the city you intend to live in, and other factors are better identified using numerology. With the help of numerology, you can invest in a home that brings the right energies into your home and your lives.

You Can Become a Numerologist Yourself!

With how beneficial numerology can be, there is nothing to stop you from becoming a numerologist yourself and offering free numerology readings online! In the long run, you’re sure to benefit more by doing your own readings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Numerology Readings

Considering the popularity of numerology, many people have begun to consider it as a source of information needed to walk the right path in life. However, the number of questions surrounding the practice of numerology is equally wide.
Here are some of the queries frequently asked by people:

What Does a Numerologist Do?

Numerologists study numbers to identify numbers significant to an individual and how these numbers influence their lives. This could be a lucky number, a lucky day, a person’s character or personality based on their r or name, the possible career options that could prove lucky, relationships and how to deal with them, etc.

According to numerologists, everything that happens in the life of an individual is due to the significance of these numbers.

A lot of people are of the belief that numerology is extremely reliable while making critical or difficult decisions. At a crossroads numerology has helped several people find the right path.

What questions Can I Ask During my Readings with a Numerologist Online?

During your consultation for numerology report online, you can enquire about things related to your life that you need answers for, such as

  • Personal Questions: My lucky number, the best time for my career, personal numerology reading.
  • Health-Related Queries: Am I in the best of health, how can my health be better, solutions to certain health issues or illnesses.
  • Career-Related Questions: Possibilities of promotions, career opportunities, career advice.
  • Relationships Questions: Am I with the right person, when can I find the right person, solutions to relationship problems at home or with a significant other.
  • Marriage-Related Queries: When will I be married, why are there marriage troubles, how to check compatibility for marriage?
  • Business-Related Questions: Possible business investment sources, business growth opportunities, partnerships and ventures.
  • Questions About Children: What name to give my child, my child’s numerology, and the child’s future.
  • Questions About Parenthood: When can I conceive, why is there a delay in conceiving.

How to Find the Best Indian Numerologist Near Me?

While there are several numerologists about, finding the right one is essential. Thorough research can guide you to the best online free numerologist near you and help you gain the insights you need into your life.

A great way to identify a good numerologist is to see how many people they have helped and how accurate their predictions are. Many qualified numerologists online are also awarded for their work, which is a good indicator of their precision and expertise.

Are there Different Types of Numerology Readings?

Depending on the origins and cultures, numerology can be categorized into four numerology systems

  • the Pythagorean Numerology
  • the Kabbalah Numerology
  • the Tamil Numerology
  • the Chaldean Numerology.

Which Numerology System is Used in India?

Indian numerologists make use of Cheiro as their numerology system.

Why Is the Belief in Numerology So Widespread?

A lot of mathematicians believe in the predictive power of numbers. Combined with the mystical, numerology can provide answers to the universe when carefully applied. Over the ages, numerology has also proven to be accurate in a lot of people’s lives, making it even more popular and influential.

How Can I Find My lucky Number?

Numerology number 7

Your lucky number is not chosen randomly but is calculated based on your name and your birth date. You can find out your lucky number through a quick online consultation with a numerologist.

Book Your Consultation with the Best Indian Numerologist Online

If you’re looking for clarity or healing, numerology is certainly a pathway to bring you closer to peace and prosperity. Become one with yourself by understanding your destiny and life path through numerology with the best numerologist in India online.

Book your Numerology Consultation with Sheelaa M Bajaj and become more intuitive about all that life has to offer.

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