Numerology and Its Impact on People and Relationships

Numerology is a process of self-discovery. It allows you to introspect and ponder on aspects that are crucial in your life. As a practice of the mystic arts, numerology can have a huge impact on your life and that of your relationships, allowing you to enrich both with the right actions and transitions. With the best numerologist in Bangalore guiding you through the major milestones in your life, you can lead your life and relationships in a direction that is more fruitful and successful.

Are You Choosing the Right Numerologist?

There is no dearth of numerologists in India consulted on a daily basis. However, there is a great deal of difference in the accuracy and readings of a trusted, reliable numerologist and one in it for the money. If you’re looking to find the best numerologist in Bangalore, here are some of the tips that could help:

Run a Search Query!:

Believe it or not, search engines can give you the list of the best numerologists in Bangalore that you need before you can start narrowing down your potential options. You need to make a start somewhere and a search engine is as good as any! The list you come across can help you go through their sites to find out the kind of services they provide and whether they can be trusted.

Take a Note of Their Credentials

While many claim to be the best numerologist in Bangalore, not everyone truly is. There are many who swindle or provide false information in a bid to appease their clients for profit. A trusted and reliable numerologist will be renowned for their accurate readings and insights, irrespective of the monetary gain. Their experience will be yet another factor to consider. More often than not, numerologists who do not shy away from sharing their experiences and knowledge publicly will do so knowing that their predictions and insights can be trusted upon. The best numerologists will make sure to engage with their audience on public platforms and through offline and online mediums so that people are able to take note of what they predict and see these predictions and insights come to pass.

Read through Their Client Reviews and Testimonials

A good numerologist is one who inspires trust and demonstrates experience and credibility. And these can be witnessed through their client reviews and testimonials. If you notice important names praising the numerologist, you know they are the real deal. Reading through their client reviews will help you sift the good numerologists from the ones yet unknown.

Don’t Forget your Budget

No good thing comes cheap, and this certainly applies to consulting the best numerologist in Bangalore. However, this also means that you need to take your budget into consideration while choosing the right numerologist. After all, consulting one at the cost of going into debt will certainly not help you turn your life around.

Numerology and Astrology – Are They Really the Same?

Numerology and astrology are certainly not the same. But they’re also not independent of each other. Numerology is an important aspect of astrology readings with numbers being significant in birth chart readings and deriving the positions of the planets. And this also holds true for astrology being an integral part of numerology. Each planet is denoted by a number, and the planet’s influence is consequently associated with the numbers influencing your life. The belief is that the numerical vibrations of these numbers are influential factors affecting one’s personality.

Additionally, the information gleaned from both astrology chart readings and numerology readings together provide a comprehensive insight into one’s past, present, and future, and the potential outcomes of one’s personality traits, possessions, actions, and interests over their lives.

Considering the amount of uncertainty that people of this generation feel in terms of life, career, relationships etc., is no small matter. Existential crisis and lack of direction are a real concern among many.

As insights gained through numerology and astrology become evident, numerology, as a practice, can only gain more momentum, in India and in other countries, with more people relying on these insights to find their paths – both personal and professional.

The Accuracy and Significance of Numerology

Numerology holds its basis on the belief that every aspect of the universe represents a certain number and energies. Considering the fact that numerology as a science and practice has been around for centuries, it is evident that it provides accurate insights that have helped people find their paths. Apart from being a significant force in a country like India, numerology holds a great deal of magnitude in other countries.

A prominent example is that of celebrities. Many of the well-known actors and actresses in Bollywood and other film industries in India have changed their name for numerology, some of which include Kareena Kapoor Khan, Irrfan Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Rajkummar Rao, Ajay Devgn, Ayushmann Khurrana, Rani Mukerji among others. However, many have had names with favourable numeric equivalents ever since they were born. And we all know the rise in fame and prosperity that most of these actors and actresses have seen ever since the change in their names.

And while these changes are widely known, there are quite a number of celebrities in Hollywood who are known by their stage names, rather than their original names. Irrespective of the purpose for changing the name, the difference in their numeric equivalents can be monumental.

Numerology and Compatibility

While numerology can help shed light on relationship compatibility, it can also help identify compatible numbers within your own life. Numerology focuses on one’s name and date of birth as key numbers that influence their lives. Considering how one cannot really change the date of their birth,  the compatibility of name numerology and other aspects of life ruled by numbers can make way for positive energies and outcomes for them. This can also be extended to business name numerology, house numbers, etc.

Numerology also helps you find promising career options and steers you on to successful paths compatible with your personality and nature.

Numerology and Relationships

Numerology compatibility for marriages have been consulted for ages, with numbers being vital influencers in every aspect of an individual’s life. And as certain numbers favour individuals, they can also be a source of contrasting energies that bring more chaos than clarity.

To put it simply, numbers affect people’s personality, which means that people who have the same ruling number will also flaunt similar personality traits. Their strengths and weaknesses will also be similar to each other. Understanding this compatibility is essential in determining how compatible you can be in your relationships, irrespective of what the relationship may be. From family and friends to business partnerships and marriages, numerology can highlight compatibility to help you work on shortcomings and focus on strengthening these relations.

Like most relationships, marriages are for a lifetime and need a great deal of preparedness and conviction. In fact, a marriage involves not only the two people being bonded legally and emotionally but also their families, being a crucial milestone in the lives of everyone affected by this unification. Numerology, therefore, becomes vital in identifying the potential compatibility.

The impact of numerology on people and relationships is significant and allowing yourself to trust the process can help you find the right answers without making the wrong choices. All you need do is find the best numerologist in Bangalore and let them help you out.

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