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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. Whether you use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next, it can be a penetrating tool that helps you understand yourself and loved ones better.

Numerology presents the whole picture, revealing all the diverse parts of your personality and how they come together to create the person you are. With this complete view, you are able to make the most of your strengths.

Numerology Explained

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. By applying the principles of numerological factors — and using only a name and birth date as the basic data — you can determine the major frequencies of a person. A numerological analysis of the calculated frequencies provides significant information on personality and character.

We all have certain planets we are ruled by when we are born on a specific date.

The date of birth, karma, and astrology of a person is something we can’t change. What we can change is the name to make it lucky and align with your favorable planets.

How to Calculate Numerology?

In date of birth numerology, the date of birth of the person can be analyzed and figure out the root cause of all his struggle or all the problems he is having. Be it the career, relationship or health. There is always a root cause for this in your numbers.

Once the date of birth is looked to see if it’s malefic or lucky or neutral.

Similarly, numerology by name considers the full name and present the numerology number after making calculations according to various numerology systems such as Chaldean numerology or Pythagorean numerology or custom methods. These systems will have different numerology numbers for alphabets.


Numerology Charts

What does it mean?

You would have come across this term ‘numerology chart’ in various instances either online or while speaking with someone regarding numerology related discussions such as numerology readings.

What’s essentially a numerology chart? Well, it’s a chart or tabular representation of a collection of significant numerology numbers and their relevance or impact on our personal lives.

For example, a Chaldean numerology chart can look like below.







The Pythagorean numerology chart can look like below.






There are various types of numerology charts prevailing depending upon the type of numerology systems used.

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Number Numerology

How to Calculate Birth Number & Life Path Number? A Simple Numerology Calculator

Numerology Calculator Using Name & Date of Birth

Birth Number

The Birth Number of a person is the sum total of the date they are born.

i.e 21st January- The Birth Number of this person would be Number 3.

Life Path Number

This is the Sum Total of a person date, month and year of birth.

i.e 22 Oct 2003

Birth Number would be Number 4 and Life path would be Number 1.

Detailed Explanation of How Life Path Number was calculated.

Birthdate 22  (Add until you reach a single digit)

2+2 = 4 (This is the birth number)

Birth Month 10 (October. Add until you reach single digit)

1 + 0 = 1

Birth Year: 2003 (Add until you reach single digit)

2 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 5

Add all these single digit numbers to arrive at Life Path Number

4 + 1 + 5 = 10

Reduce the above number to single digit again

1 + 0 = 1

1 is the life path number

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Numerology Numbers

Numerology Numbers - What do They Represent?

In this section, we will talk about various numerology numbers and their meanings. You can see that every number has its own significance in numerology. Click on below links to learn more about individual number’s characteristics as per numerological equations.


Life Path Numbers - What Do They Mean?

Life Path Number 1

The persons with life path number 1 are highly determined to achieve the spirit of privilege and self -realization. They will not be willing to depend on anybody for anything mainly matters related to money and sentimental bondage.

They are capable of leading teams but they will not succeed fully as they lack in teamwork and coordination. As they are born to be independent they usually become the notable business head, a great administrator, chairperson, Head of organization, and producers.

The two-thirds of number 1’s life will be spent in getting away from monitory restraints and emotional bondage pressurized on them by others. As they like to be always self-determined, they have to rise above facing the entire hurdle to be successful. These pioneering personalities try to change the world for the better in some way.

They will be passionate towards creativity and are self-motivated and hence will be a great influence on others. They have admirable physical health and are psychologically stronger than others. Their blooming look and aspiration towards life is a cause of fear to others who frequently prize their stamina.

Occasionally the person belongs to number 1 life path can be self-centered, vigorous, and overpowering. Hence they are often described as greedy and aggressive. They will also realize the tough lessons about the value of good things and ethics while they progress in their life.

It is not an easy task to have a relationship with number 1’s as they are very greed in accomplishing success at any cost. They treat people as objects and hence they are very selfish, jealous and compulsive. They are also not beyond entertaining an infidelity that will advance their career.

Number 1’s who seem to get lost from their path frequently end up with sticky inter-reliant relationships with mentally ill and obsessed partners. In case if your number is 1, and facing such problems then you have change yourself to become self-contained in life.

Life Path Number 2

The followers of number 2 life path are sensitive and have a natural intelligence of ethics and equality. Due to their incredible skill of resolving disputes, they usually become judges, mediators, lawyers, counselors or public workers.

They always like to see only good things in others. They sincerely accept their flaws. They are good team players and flourish their best while involved in teamwork. They are always appreciated for their graciousness, diplomacy, and skill towards motivating people to involve in charity work. In any argument, they will never bend down to defeat and always regard themselves to stay at higher end.

The people with Number 2 path are best suited for routine 9 to 5 jobs. Their sentimental nature distresses them when they deal with unreliable persons, drama queens and unnecessary show off of physical affection.
They are best collectors and preserve everything that they have owned from their birth. Many of them also collect antiques and photographs of their loved ones.

They like to be always in a group and isolating them make them gloom, indolence, and miserable. As the life principle of number 2 is to bring harmony it is always important to mingle with many people. Number 2’s life path will be fulfilled when they involve in work that deals with charity and humanity. Hence they love to become voluntary hand for hospital, school or any public activity.

Life Path Number 3

People with life path number 3 have sparkling characters whose ride frequently leads to applause for creativity or fame in society. Due to their artistic skills, they are great comedians and the majority of them are talented musicians, composers, performers, dancers, and public servants.

A Person with number 3 is satisfied only if their talent is recognized in public. This life path is one that is described by prettiness, thrill, strangeness and communal fame. Hence they attain good reputation.
They are also blessed with a pleasant appealing personality and an unbelievable personal confidence. Their striking physical look acquires others perception and hence they make exceptional models.

Usually, number 3 persons possess humorous nature and hence become an amusing chatterbox. On the other side, they will also understand human nature by listening to others emotional needs.
They are also superb cooks, anchors and possess wonderful experience in fashion and home decoration. They are normally required in the society as people find them beautiful both physically and mentally.

Typically a number 3’s is stubborn in nature and try to win always irrespective of success cost. Their extraordinary strength helps them to recover from troubles in life than most other people. In many cases, these troubles are of a fiscal or romantic nature as their impulsiveness sometimes results in making awful choices. Nevertheless, a number 3 is fairly simple and are very honest in accepting their own mistakes.

Sometimes number 3’s are lost in their life path as they fail to fulfill their dreams. Many escape into alcohol or drug abuse to avoid hearing the irritating voice of their constant insight. If you are in number 3 path and not highlighted due to own personal problems then it is a time to look back and listen to your minds aspiration. You will be seen on top compared to others if you really focus on your hidden energy and talent.

Life Path Number 4

The people following number 4 usually become leaders in the society. They are hard working, realistic and reliable and through their realistic skills, they will adapt dreams of others to reality.

They often become stressed working too much both for themselves and others. This will also have an impact on their personal reputation. The determination and inflexibility of number 4 will make them greed and egoistic. This sometimes creates confusion as they always think of doing well to others.

They are very sensitive in nature and are not willing to adapt themselves to the changes. It is not easy to convince number 4 as wrong, as they never accept criticism. Their stubborn and dedicated characteristics bring them the title workaholic. Many people are gained more from number 4 by assigning tougher tasks with strict procedures.

Their reliable character yields them incredible marriage and business partners. They don’t believe in getting fame and hence they tend to make only a few best friends.

They are very trustworthy and have all basic knowledge that influences others. They fear to express their views and hence seem to be tensed always. Sometimes they miss immense opportunities by over concentrating on the task at hand.

People belong to number 4 life path will repeatedly learn a lesson to come away from emotional insecurity. Number 4’s are lost from their life path when they get aggression, jealousy, and selfishness from others. As they lack a sense of humor they feel sometimes life as dark and grave.

Number 4’s devotion towards routine work sometimes makes them egoistic to the point of being restorative. Their insecurity nature will not allow adapting changes in any routine work. If number 4 persons have some patience and take the issues lightly towards their heart they will definitely lead a satisfying life.

Life Path Number 5

Those belong to this life path are courageous and questioning folks who believe with the experience we can achieve everything in life. Most of them are extremely smart, truth-seeking, and spiritual minded. They love to seek knowledge related to nature and its survival. Hence many will genuinely involve in resolving problems related to humanity.

Numbers 5’s hate routine everyday tasks. They will start the project with great enthusiasm but at the same time fail to continue in the same zoom. They are also not good in household work and self-care as they prefer to follow their instant thoughts. Hence they do not prosper well in an office atmosphere.

Due to their excellent communication skills and the deep knowledge in various subjects, some number 5 make outstanding teachers. As they are good at understanding concepts many of them make great communal anthropologists, archeologists, and history professors.

Sometimes they emotionally collapse and divert themselves towards freelance services related to art, research, and columnist. They are multi-skilled but do not have control in following one path. Hence many of number 5 lead disastrous lives when it comes to money matters.

They will never think of future and wish to accept life as it comes on their way. They have unbelievable faith that the world will take care of them. Due to this nature, the opposite sex often discovers them as thrilling and romantic but after some time, they fall apart because of their fluctuating mindset.

Their lack of assurance will also have an impact on personal affairs. They are very egoistic and never care about the feelings of others. They fail to understand that the first priority in everyone’s life is to consider and listen to others thoughts instead of implementing ours first. Number 5 experiences a sequence of broken relationship due to their careless nature.

An indication of number 5 has lost from their life path is they discourage everyone who meets them. If number 5’s are continuously insulted, discarded and a lack stability in life then they have to relook into their life’s purpose by becoming more kind towards others.

Life Path Number 6

The followers of number 6 are considered as people-pleasers and are great essentials to others. Hence they devote their entire life by providing various services such as doctors, nurses, fireman, and lawyers.

They are dignified and are ready to share the responsibility of others while proceeding in the life journey. Their matured sense will enable them to handle any complicated situation.

Number 6 usually have a feel of spiritual responsibility to help others by showing sympathy, concern, and affection. These born leaders express their wisdom, bravery, and willpower during their childhood which is far beyond their age.

They are also a familial individual who are provoked by the love of children and family. They have sufficient funds to manage themselves but in some situations, they may face money problems to help the one needed. They like children and youths and for this reason, they may adopt children or start training classes for youths.

The only negative quality of number 6 is they have unhealthy confidence in others. Hence they find themselves confined to an addicted or mentally ill partner who will not be willing to follow their true path and this indicates the sign of becoming enablers rather than healing diseases. The purpose of number 6’s life is to see everyone equally by sharing their extraordinary care.

Life Path Number 7

Those people who are boarded at number 7 are friendly and clam who wish to find answers to questions. Their great logical thinking makes them mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and doctors.

They like to spend more time in reading and understanding information’s and hence they often acquire sophisticated academic careers. Children of number 7 path do extremely well and emerge to be “matured person” for their age.

Number 7’s always like to be perfect by executing allocated task right without any flaws. Hence if they are not capable of doing any job they try to stay away. They love silence and they hate exposed to music, noise, and crowd.

They will not trust anyone easily and hence they do not make friends easily. But once they make friends they wish them to stay forever. They hate people with cunning nature and who bypass their strict ethics. They are usually very reserved and others are really scared to approach them.

Even though they are suspicious and investigative they believe more in their own intuition rather than other statistics, public polls, and others advice. They are against influence and hence they like to stay away from the television or any other media.

They are the solitary person who likes to stay alone and far away from hustle and bustle of latest life. They are peace-loving persons and hence prefer to live in a country that doesn’t emphasize more on urban life.

The other side of number 7 is there tendency to become distrustful, overly rational, and irritable. In some situations, number 7 fail to deal with people as their harsh behavior which was unusual earlier have been moved down to foul. Number 7 is strayed away from their life path when they are completely abandoned by society. In such situation, they have to look back towards their original goal of improving the society by applying their huge knowledge.

Life Path Number 8

The person who follows number 8 is blessed to be fortunate whose main aim is to obtain prosperity. They will not dream much as they are busy in applying their reckless managerial skills to the actual world.

Number 8’s are positive and charming and are skilled to grab the right opportunity. The main principle they follow in their life is to have control on wealth and authority without damaging their image in the society.

The people with number 8 path like social events and they will meet the correct person at right time. They will somehow showoff as rich wearing proper clothes in parties with great people even though they are from poor background. Number 8’s have inborn nature of boasting them as wealthy with or without money.

Number 8’s have improved lives of many people by using the god’s gift of natural luck. They are very realistic and stable in aiming at their objective and through their willpower, they will mostly succeed in the contest every time. Number 8 is also brave and through their unbelievable ability, they often strike their opponent.

Sometimes number 8 take a vague diversion from their true path by expressing stinginess, desire, and unreachable goals. They act like dictators in the workplace and also behave unkindly at home. They have to give respect to others view to improve their emotional affairs.

Number 8’s are very fond of money and sometimes this will prioritize over their personal relations. They are considered to be on the wrong path when they give more importance to the material to the extent that they spoil their basic ethics of sharing the same with the rest of humanity.

Life Path Number 9

People with number 9 life path are blessed to adopt charitable path. They provide service in various areas related to community, environment, coaching, law, and order, religious man/woman and healers.

They are tolerant, reliable, unselfish, and refined individuals hence they are respected throughout their life. They are usually identified in the society through their ethics of goodness, sympathy, and charity.

Number 9’s are decent people who are ready to fight for justice by taking immense steps to help the loser. Most of them always trust that all good things done on earth will be accounted in heaven and hence they are least bothered in making their own property. Sometimes they may also lose their own property for the common cause.

In some situation, they convey their perspective of life through creating drawings, writing poems, singing songs or other talent related to art. Their personality is often suited to become doctors and other caretakers. Hence they mostly become spiritual gurus, reiki masters, enchanters, and therapist.

Many people become friend with number 9 looking at the charming smile and listening ability. They mingle easily with unknown people but they are not good in habituating one to one relationship. They usually think that such relationship will appear deadly because they cannot tolerate drama, dominate, and selfish nature of their soul mate. They are not interested in sex unless it is practised for a good deed of proliferation. Some of them stay single intentionally so that they can take care of everybody equally.

In some situations, number 9’s behave as annoyed towards others who have helped them thinking that they tainted their kindness. But they have to learn that belief in god is ultimate than anything. In some situation, they may find others leaving them out of the circle. This strangeness will make others to consider them as a stupid person. Sometimes number 9’s sincere thought looks very silly and mirthful to others. In all the above situations number 9’s are strayed from their actual path and to come back they have to express their religious values through procedures rather than lecture

Life Path Number 11

The followers of number 11 are more anxious in divine enlightenment. Hence they often present their perspective on eternal matters that are mostly unreachable to others.

Number 11 always like to be within their limits. In their quest to find a balance between the rational and the irrationality they will often pursue the most eclectic of religions and cultures. Hence these advanced and imaginative persons make outstanding students, teachers, writers, magicians, musicians, and artists

Number 11’s often gives everything in search of eternal knowledge. Their hunger towards learning sometimes influences them to join religious groups.

Number 11 always have multiple options when it comes to career and they will usually have fruitful result in whatever they do. Most of them will show off two opposing careers at once. Example: Bank manager in morning and palmists in the evening. The best-suited job for number 9 is teachers or counselor. Most are practiced healers and others use their tender and intuitive words to heal.

At some point in their life, they face a destructive situation that forces their mind towards spirituality. Apart from this they also face a lot of deadly emotional and unkind situations and some may make their entire life miserable.

Number 11’s are very nervous who are suspected of illness related to manic depression and schizophrenia. Their dreamy quality sometimes hinders them from finding the true path as they fulfill their ambitions only after age 40.

Number 11’s are lost from their path when they fail to convert their dreams to practicality. This means they are caught in their imaginary world.

Life Path Number 22

The followers of life path 22 are also described as skilled mentors. They are the strongest individuals of all other life paths as they are gifted with a lot of supremacy. They have exceptional talent of exhibiting dreams into reality.

They will achieve great deals with little efforts and hence they are often described as “born with a silver spoon”. Number 22 will definitely achieve whatever they think and hence they have to choose their goals with cautious. By fulfilling their desire they will also achieve good reputation, victory, and fame.

Negativity in 22’s is rare to be seen but in some situations, they look like selfish. This can be overcome through some spiritual instructions. They also work hard to make wealth and same will be distributed for the common cause.

Life Path Number 33

A birth date reducing down to 33 is very unusual. In such situations, they will become notable spiritual leaders who will be on the same lines of the Dalai Lama or Gandhi.

These born leaders will not get highlighted because of their own life stories but they earn name and fame by rendering kindness, affection, and humanity that lead to the revolution of the world’s perception.

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    my full name is : Thota Ramaswamy Ananda Sudhir
    my date of birth is: 9th April 1972
    time of birh is : 9:42 am Sunday
    place of birth is : North of Bangalore (Jalahalli)

    since child hood I am facing concerns and it is getting worse as time progress I reach close to my destination but does not reach my destination I have been failure all through , though I am MBA with distinction I dont have a satisfactory job nor financial status I am in deep financial trouble now. request you to analyse my name and let know if any corrections need to done.

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