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Sheelaa M Bajaj 一 Bringing You Online Tarot Reading In India

If you’re in search of the best online tarot card reading in India, you’re at the right place! 

Ever since the global pandemic began in 2020 all of us were in a state of uncertainty. Lack of clarity on career, business, relationships, concerns about health and events in our personal lives have been weighing down on us. Life has started to seem more like a puzzle and we are all desperately trying to find the pieces that fit. In times like these,  having an adviser to guide you through situations and answer your questions is a boon! Tarot Cards are one such medium to seek divine guidance. Tarot card readers help you identify the paths ahead, and possibilities on each path. If you’re wary of going out during the pandemic or are just more comfortable at home, Sheela Bajaj and her team will facilitate an online tarot reading session. Get a tarot reading done from the comfort and safety of your home.

Sheelaa M Bajaj is a renowned numerologist and tarot card reader who provides excellent online Tarot Card Reading, Life Coaching, Feng Shui, Baby Names, and Business Name consultations. She is also a renowned facilitator and teaches many master-level courses in multiple sciences. Her team, trained under her mentorship, are a group of outstanding tarot cards readers who conduct sessions online. 

What Exactly Is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot reading is an ancient form of guidance that is practised around the globe. You can gain insights into events from your past, present and future through tarot reading. Besides that, this tool also brings clarity to things in terms of love, career, finances, marriage, relationships, and family.

This tool of divination helps us answer many questions in life. Readers can help you steer through hurdles in life and bring new perspectives to your thoughts. In other words, a tarot reading done by a professional will, without a doubt, help your mental state of mind. So when looking for a tarot reading online always make sure you watch out for the following criteria and make a carefully thought out decision. 

A Checklist to Find Genuine Online Tarot Reading

As stated earlier, Tarot reading is an ancient concept and its methods of practice have evolved over time. In the present day and age,  practitioners and customers have moved entirely to the cloud platform for tarot readings. This makes it incredibly easy to get a tarot card reading done online via phone/video call or even a mobile chat. But it is sometimes easy to get scammed. So before booking any online session go through this checklist to make sure the tarot card reader is genuine. 

1. Screen and Review the Readers 

To avoid getting tricked by fraudsters, make sure you review and screen the professionals before booking an appointment. Customer reviews and surveys are the most credible sources you can rely on to check the authenticity of a reader. Satisfied clients always leave comments about readers and so will the ones who aren’t satisfied. So always keep an eye out for testimonials and reviews to get insights from others’ experiences. 

2. A Transparent Session

Before any session, a reader will be talking to you about the details of the session or you can usually find it on the website. Find out about the length of the session and have them walk you through it, so you understand what you’ll be getting out of it. Always make sure that the online psychic/tarot card reader is not purposely taking up more of your time to gain extra cash.

3. Know your cards

An authentic tarot deck has a total of 78 cards and consists of both The Minor and The Major Arcana. This type of deck is based on the Venetian or the Piedmontese tarot. The Major Arcana (22) has pictures that represent various forces, characters, virtues, and vices and The Minor Arcana (56) is divided similarly to that of a normal playing deck but with different symbols and an additional picture card for each suit. The symbols on each card connect to the meaning of our lives and the full set is crucial to have a detailed analysis of the events in your life.

4. Prepare questions 

In a tarot reading, you can ask ANY question. There are no restrictions or limitations. But make sure that you already have your questions ready in your mind so that you can seek the best advice. It has been observed that people who are usually confused are not able to get help from the readings. Sometimes, people expect the reader to know the questions they have in mind and the answers to them as well. Tarot reading doesn’t work like that. Give your reader a summary of where you’re at in life right now and what you want to know, so they can do an enhanced and efficient reading. Always be prepared for what you want to know exactly and what you are expecting from the reading. 

It is important to make note that the ultimate goal of a tarot reader is to bring you a sense of hope, purpose, and clarity. With a good tarot reader, you will be able to achieve just that and will also leave your session with a plan or direction. The team of tarot readers at Sheela Bajaj offers the best Online Tarot Reading In India. They can help you reveal your innermost thoughts or feelings and assist you in making changes or choices related to career, health, and relationships. You can also know more about the tarot readers on their website, and contact a reader you feel most connected with. So book an online Tarot reading from Sheela Bajaj now and evaluate the root cause of your problems from the comfort of your home!

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