SMB 14: Finding Your Life Purpose

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | SMB 14: Finding Your Life Purpose

SMB 14: Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding your life’s purpose would sound an easy thing, but it’s not. Because, if you think the right definition of success of having loads and loads of money, then I wouldn’t have met and counseled people who are making loads of money and empty inside. If you are constantly unhappy about what you are doing regardless of the money you are making, then you need to pause and be mindful of your situation. Are you doing something you really enjoy and that resonates with your true personality? In this episode, I talk about what it takes to find your true calling in your life.

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Hi Sheelaa, Good Day! I have heard you on FM & wanted to know more about myself.

I am unemployed now for 7 months now & in seek of a job desperately & trying all the ways to get it. I don’t get any calls for the job interview & where ever I have given interview I dont get the result.

I was looking for a job in Finance field but at the same time whatever I have gained knowledge for these many years in Finance Field I am not satisfied with it & neither I like this field for long.

I want to venture in some other fields but dont know whether I will get it or I can do it or whether this is my proper decision for my future.

Let me know if my above subject is good to meet you.

Thanks, Sachindra, 9980566767

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