SMB 3: Honouring and Loving Yourselves

SMB 3: Honouring and Loving Yourselves

Hey again, this is Sheelaa M Bajaj. In this episode, I am throwing light on a very special topic which many of you might already know but yet to acknowledge and leverage it from fully. The topic is honoring yourselves. Isn’t it true that if you don’t honor or love yourselves you can’t spread that love or happiness to others? More insights in this special episode of Sheelaa M Bajaj podcast.

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Mam listening to ur podcast is some much stress relief n ur voice is so sweet n pleasant mam.
Mostly u always say Episode 3is ur favoooorite

Was excited to hear to this podcast Mam but
I truly realised the mistakes m making for my own self mam
As u always say if u dnt love ur self u can’t give love to others,
From episode 1&2
I learnt how to overcome my fear
My root cause for my happiness n
Now how to honour urself
Everything is so much interlinked n true

Ppl suffering from any issues
Anybody who’s struggling must must listen to mams podcast
It’s a game changer

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