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Be A Tarot Master – Join Our Tarot Reading Classes

Have you thought of doing a Certified Tarot Reader Course? It is certainly worth checking out. The mystic arts are sure to entice you and arouse your interest to delve deeper.
Before we tell you about our Tarot Classes, let us introduce you to tarot cards and tarot reading. The concept of tarot reading is an ancient and divinatory art. Tarot uses different cards to represent different situations in an individual’s life – past, present and future!
Tarot reading helps predict answers to your questions, through tarot cards and the corresponding symbols. Tarot reading reflects your past choices, validates your current situation and gives a probable prediction of your future. That is probably why tarot is called The Mirror of the Soul. Tarot reading could provide for you an insight to your present situation, where you began, what or how your future could be and how you could reach there.
The concept of tarot believes a human’s subconscious mind already has the future stored in it and the route to this is manifested through meditation and vibrations. A tarot deck has cards wherein every colour, sign, symbol and number have distinct connotations. Tarot reading could be really helpful when you have confusions and delusions in crucial matters like your career, marriage or other prospects.
Doesn’t that sound interesting and lucrative? Moreover, in recent times, tarot cards and tarot card reading have become very popular. Read on for more in-depth information on our Tarot card course and Certified Tarot Reader Course and dive deep into the world of tarot!

Tarot, Tarot Reading and More!

Tarot cards track the journey of a soul, which is represented by what is called the Fool card. A deck of tarot cards consists of 78 cards, out of which the initial 22 cards stand for laws of the Universe and therefore depict powerful energies that are governed by destiny. The remaining 56 cards indicate your daily life, your feelings, action, physical, mental and emotional and health and fitness, family life etc.
The initial 22 cards are known as the major arcana and the rest 56 are known as the minor arcana. “Arcanum” means secret. The major arcana and minor arcana put together provide a powerful guidance to understand the energies governing a situation.
In tarot reading, major arcana cards are important messages that the seeker needs to understand and imbibe. Tarot cards have two basic modes or methods of reading, namely the open reading method and the question reading method.
The first card in the major Arcana is numbered 0 and known the Fool’s card and the remaining 21 cards are known as the Fool’s journey. The minor arcana has 4 suites and each suite has 14 cards. So that makes it 14×4=56. Four is the number of physical manifestations i.e., air, water, fire and earth.

Tarot Reading Classes and Tarot Reader Course:

Tarot reading for a seeker or a client involves three major steps. The first is to thoroughly learn the meanings and indications of all the cards, including the symbols, colours, numbers and other details of the major and minor arcana.
The second step is to learn how to ask the right questions. This helps in a big way to do spreads and get the right or most probable answers to the questions that have been put up. As a tarot reader, you should know or enquire from your seekers or clients on what area of their life they want to have a tarot reading done. The third and the clincher part is to end the tarot reading session with a viable and satisfactory solution.

Tarot Card course, Certified Tarot Reader Course and the Professional Tarot Master Course:

A tarot reader’s course could prove to be a boon for yourself and your family too! With this course, you can begin learning in earnest and in due course of time you could be able to conduct your own tarot readings, initially for yourself and later for your family and friends. It would be creative as well as productive. Creative because there is so much to learn in the field and productive because you could make it your profession.
The duration of the Tarot Card course would be inclusive of adequate basic knowledge and enough practice. This done, you as a tarot reader can begin right away and initiate your reading practice by resolving your personal and family issues. You are most welcome to call us or ask for a call back for any query or further information you need.

Online Tarot Reading Classes:

Would you like the most trusted online Tarot Reader Course right at your desk? Here you are! Learn tarot reading from comfort of your home or office and become a Tarot Master as you advance to the consequent levels. You can choose from our online tarot reading courses where you can learn from the best in the trade.
You can also decide up to what level of tarot reading you wish to continue your pursuit. You could start as a beginner from our basic course and progress to our courses of the advanced levels, in due course of time.
The advanced course is designed for those who are self-taught or have already studied the basics of tarot and are looking to expand their study and knowledge. It is assumed here that you are already conversant with the usage of tarot cards and tarot reading.

What Awaits you in the Certified Tarot Reader Course:

  • In-depth information and knowledge about tarot cards.
  • The details of the concept of tarot cards, tarot reading and how tarot reading works.
  • Concept, meaning, significance, study and interpretation of major and minor arcana.
  • The concept of divination, divinatory meanings, pictorial representations, including meanings.
  • Number system, colour symbolism and related information in relation to tarot.
  • The processes of increasing intuition and self-cleansing through tarot.
  • The overall insight to basic as well as advanced tarot spreads and tarot card shuffling.
  • Adequate and varied modes and methods of practice to imbibe the knack of giving accurate readings.

Tarot Master:

The Tarot Master course covers the entire ambit of tarot, starting with basic information and then leading you through the journey till you acquire complete knowledge of tarot cards and tarot reading. You are taught and demonstrated on the complete information and the usage of tarot cards to be able to obtain accurate readings regarding the past, present, and future. Our courses are thoughtfully and strategically devised and designed. The instructions and examples are easy to follow and practice.
Every basic information such as how to prepare for a reading, how to devise the best questions to ask and how to read the minor arcana and to see and understand how the cards depict finances, thoughts, feelings and actions, is provided to you. In due course of time, you will gain a deeper understanding and insight of the spiritual side of tarot cards.
Exploring the major arcana cards will teach you the main characters that represent the essential qualities such as wisdom, temptation, innocence and true love. As you delve deeper, you will discover that the sequence of these cards represents the path to ultimate enlightenment.
Ample study materials, series of audio and video modules which could be as mentioned below, guides you from the beginner’s level to that of a professional reader and a Tarot Master!

Benefits and Highlights:

You can study at your own pace working from home. There is no time limit for completion of the course.
Successful completion of the course assessments will get you certificates, medals, licenses, awards, accreditations and endorsements, subject to certain criteria. You will also get a certificate from the Centre of Excellence and a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course.
To make a wonderful and flourishing career in the field of tarot reading and to become a professional and successful tarot master, call us – today!

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