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What Not to Do While Taking Numerology Services Online

Numerology services have been greatly sought in recent times with the unpredictability of every aspect of living, from dwindling career choices and the unsteady economy to skyrocketing prices and the change in lifestyle. To make the services more accessible, many famous numerologists like Sheelaa M Bajaj are making their services available online for people to consult them from the convenience of their homes.

If you are trying to get numerology services online, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to make the most of the consultation. So, while you know what you need to do, we’ll focus today on what you shouldn’t.

Things to Avoid Doing During a Numerology Consultation Online

While we know countless things about how to find the right numerology services, it is also essential to understand what you must or mustn’t do during the consultation.

Here are some things that are better avoided while availing of numerology services online

Giving Incorrect Details About Yourself

Numerology readings are done on the basis of your name and date of birth by adding up the numbers values of each alphabet and number. When you decide to get your numerology services online or at our office, giving any incorrect detail can alter your numerical chart completely, leaving you with information irrelevant to you considering your real name and date of birth. Further altering your birth name on your own without professionally consulting a numerologist can often do more harm than good.

More often than not, numerologists provide generic data on their websites for people under each number to help them get a basic understanding of the kind of personality they may have or to explain their chances of compatibility with individuals of other numbers. The need for a name change may also be signified for certain numbers. However, this should be done according to numerological charts after checking your compatibility with other ruling numbers in your life. A numerology consultant is a must to identify what name numerology to choose and the right dates and numbers for you.

Taking Online Services for Granted

Online services have become the norm for most businesses and industries over the last few years, owing to the sudden onset of unpredictable events. Numerology services are no exception. Sheelaa M Bajaj and her team strive to provide consultation to clients both offline and online without compromising on the time spent and the accuracy of the information unveiled.

Taking numerology services online in no way diminishes the value of the consultation, nor does it result in inaccurate readings. Numerologists are as dedicated about their readings while providing services online as they are when offering consulting from their offices. It is essential that you hold the information they provide as equally important when opting for their services online. The only difference between an online and an offline consultation is the convenience with which you can avail of the services.

Keeping Mum During the Consultation

When you choose to get numerology services online or offline, the underlying thought and need behind the consultation is to seek the answers that could turn your life around for good. However, staying quiet throughout the consultation is not how you should go about it. This is about your life. We encourage asking questions that you may have pertaining to your life and enquiring about the events or elements influencing your life. Speaking up and asking relevant questions is certainly a good way to find out more about what numerology can do for you.

Taking Only Some Advice and Leaving the Rest

A lot of people make the mistake of picking and choosing information that is aligned to their goals. When your numerological charts are read, every information your numerologist provides should be taken seriously. Many also favour certain positive information more than the others, failing to realise that it’s the negative influences that wreak havoc in their lives. Understanding every aspect of your reading is essential.  So is following what needs to be done to the last tittle.

Whether you choose to get numerology services online or in our office space, make sure you are open to listening and understanding details about every aspect of your life. Choosing not to take in certain information will not change the essence of the information. Any hurdle you may have to cross will still be there whether you choose to believe it or not. What you can do to overcome these is to listen carefully during your consultation and take in the solutions we provide to change and overcome the negative influences in your life.

Contradicting Your Chart Readings with Bookish or Online Knowledge

With the amount of information that can be found online about numerology, it wouldn’t be surprising to see many people already know the basics about numerology and how it works. However, while you may be able to calculate your destiny and life path number or your personality or soul urge number, deciphering the meaning is an art that takes dedication, experience, and a spiritual connection. Interjecting with your thoughts and assumptions about your life during a professional numerology consultation is a big no if you want accurate readings. Further, your numerologist will be less than pleased with your constant contradictions acquired solely by reading up a little as opposed to the years they spent studying numerology and the mystic arts.

Haling Astrology As More Important than Numerology

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that numerology is a part of astrology. However, they are both equally important. Where astrology studies the cosmos and their relation to you through your birth chart, numerology focuses on the numbers surrounding you. Further, every mystic art, from numerology and astrology to tarot reading and vaastu, can be interconnected. To put it simply, tarot numerology is a vital part of numerology, considering the numbers on the tarot cards and their ability to predict the past, the present, and the future. Additionally, your house number and other aspects related to vaastu are also connected to your ruling numbers.

Understanding this interconnection can help you approach the influence of the mystic arts in your life more comprehensively.

Now that you know all you need to, make sure you heed the information provided to you during your consultation. Sheelaa M Bajaj and her team are here to answer every query you may have about your life through their numerology services online.

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