Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | How Many Days Till The Effects of Gemstones Will Last?

How Many Days Till The Effects of Gemstones Will Last?

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | How Many Days Till The Effects of Gemstones Will Last?

How Many Days Till The Effects of Gemstones Will Last?

Gemstones are becoming very popular these days in all parts of the world. Popularity is for their beauty as well as healing properties. The majority of them are also concerned when it comes to their quality, genuineness and how to wear them. However, one must also know or care that these gemstones are very delicate. They need maintenance in order to keep giving their optimal results. In this post, we will guide you about how many days until the effects of gemstones will last.


People usually purchase their gemstones, activate them before wearing and then forget about them altogether whereas they should make it a routine habit to activate their gemstones on regular basis as otherwise; the gemstones they are wearing may not be able to give ample results over time. This is why it is important to know the effects of gemstones on how many days will last.

How to choose a Gemstone

It is important to get your horoscopes checked before wearing any gemstone. This is because there are chances if you are running a dasha or major period of a planet for which you are wearing the gemstone, it will give good results. One must also check that the gemstone suits the native before wearing it for long-term especially the ones which have a long lifespan. Though a general suitability check should be done before wearing any gemstone – precious or semi-precious.

A good quality precious gemstone starts giving results at least after 10-15 days of wearing. It may start giving minor results during this period also. The gemstone can continue to give good results for up to 5 years. In some cases where the stone is really pure, it may continue giving good results up to 10 years also. To get its good results if you are wearing it as a remedy, one has to keep activating it. This activation, after certain periods, is done by mantra Jaap or chanting of mantras.

A semi-precious stone may start giving results from 40 days of wearing to 2.5 years. One must also pay attention as they are the substitutes of real gemstones.  So the results may take time and may not be as expected.

Types Of Gemstones

There are two types of gemstones based on their durability. Listed them below for you.

  1. Ruby, Sapphires, Emerald, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye. They have a very long lifespan so they can be used for years.
  2. Pearl and Red Coral fall have a shorter lifespan. They should be replaced after some years as they will stop giving results after some time.

It is important for anyone to know how to take care of your gemstones so that they can last longer. Before the self-care of gemstones, let me explain the 2 groups of gemstones and their qualities. The first group of gemstones is transparent. As we wear them in rings or pendants then layers of greasy material start depositing on their surfaces. This is due to the combined action of some oils, lubricants, greasy materials, dust.

Though most of us are aware and notice the formation of such deposits when it comes to the upper surfaces of the gemstones.  Only a few of us ever bother to look at the lower surfaces of the gemstones and see what is happening there. The effects of gemstones on how many days will last is a great concern for many.

Why Should We Do The Maintenance For Gemstones?

Gemstone receives radiations from its corresponding planet. The lower surface is the surface of a gemstone that touches your finger and is usually hidden from any eye contact. The deposits of impurities start getting thicker with the passage of time. Such impurities then start blocking the path of energy radiations. The rays are unable to pass through these impurities. Hence they don’t enter our body, which is the sole purpose of wearing gemstones. This is why we need to have the maintenance done for gemstones.

Maintenance Of Gemstones

A simple test for checking it will be to remove the ring and then hold it in front of your eyes when there is a bright light in the background. This way you’ll be able to see even the slightest of the deposits which may form on the surfaces of the gemstones. If you detect any such deposits, the next thing to do is to get rid of them.

The second group of gemstones are translucent or opaque, They require a different type of care than the first category. Pearl and Red Coral are not hard gemstones and they erode away with the action of water, detergents, sweat and certain other things. So the first thing you need to do is to keep them away from water and especially detergents as the action of detergents can decrease the lifespan of these gemstones considerably.

Hence if you’re wearing any of these two gemstones, make sure that you remove them before you wash your hands or do something that involves the action of fluids and detergents. Effects of gemstones in how many days will be lasting are finally with the person who is wearing it.

Formation of greasy deposits can be common on the outermost surfaces of these gemstones. When they are washed, deposits also go away with them. If you still find some deposits on these gemstones, the best way to remove such deposits is by using a piece of a wet cloth or a wet brush. If the deposits are greasy, use as little detergent or soap. Doing this will prolong their lifespan and you will need to replace them less often. Along with the learning effects of gemstones in how many days will be lasting, you can also learn about which gemstones can be worn together.

These are some simple but very effective methods by which you can enhance their potential benefits and their lifespan. Also remember, if you are wearing a gemstone as a remedy for certain planet Dasha then it will give a good result only up to that Dasha.

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