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Is Your Online Numerologist the Right Person to Approach

Numerology is more a skill of intuition and experience than bookish knowledge. And we certainly have been in the field long enough to know how often people get scammed while trying to get an accurate online numerology consultation. Over the years, we have seen many of our clients who have complained of having consulted ‘numerologists’ who claimed to be the best but offered no change in the clients’ circumstances. Many numerologists fail to realise that people choose to consult a numerologist after a lot of deliberation, more often out of desperation for a way out of their unfavourable circumstances.

If you are wary of choosing an online numerology consultation and need some guidance on how to go about it, here’s something to help you through it.

Things You Need to Know While Choosing a Numerologist Online

If you have formulated a list of numerologists in India that provide online consultation and need to narrow it down, there are several things that you should first note:

For those who feel drawn to the number 4 or have 4 as their life path numbers, a numerology consultation can give all the answers to what life has in store.

Don’t be Fooled your Search Engine Queries

More often than not, we’re unsure of the answers we seek, which makes us look for all the wrong qualities in a numerologist. In fact, the chances of being scammed by an online numerologist is equally high even if they have a website of their own. What you need to look for is their credentials. Are they really as accurate as they claim to be? Simply having an online presence isn’t enough. You need to be sure of their credentials and claims. A name like Sheelaa M Bajaj that is already widely known among people can always be trusted to provide accurate readings and interpretation. But if you’re seeking help in places that no one has ever heard about, it’s wise to be on your guard.

Being Stingy Can Keep the Best Hidden From You

Narrowing down your list based on who provides the cheapest, or better yet – free consultation, can backfire on you. Renowned and trusted numerologists are sought-after for a reason. The accuracy of their readings is enough to make people choose them over other charlatans who promise good things. If you want accuracy and precision in your numerology readings, being stingy won’t help you.

No Reading is Ever Always Positive

Trusted numerologists who provide consultation make it a point to go over your strengths as well as your weaknesses. We believe in providing accurate readings rather than sugarcoating the truth. If you’re looking to hear things that sound sweet to the ears, you may be able to bring the needed change in your lives. Numerologists like Sheelaa M Bajaj seek to transform lives for the better through their numerology readings and predictions by identifying all your characteristics and traits – whether positive or negative – in an attempt to find out what you need to focus on.

Your Instincts Are Right More Often Than Not

Have you ever thought to yourself, “This doesn’t feel right to me”, with a really strong urge to get away from something? Your gut is right more often than not. And it can also be trusted to help you choose the right online numerology consultation. If the energies and vibrations that come through from the person providing consultation is right, you will know it from the very beginning. Trust your instincts to find out whether the numerologist you choose is worth the time and energy you’re investing. And if you’d rather not go through the trial and error process, consulting a famous numerologist like Sheelaa M Bajaj can save you the trouble.

You Can Find Out what to Expect Before Your Actual Consultation

If you thought going through consultations with several numerologists is your only way to narrow down the list, you can think again. Sending in your enquiries or speaking to a representative can help you find out what your online numerology consultation will entail and what it could cost you. This can give you enough to know if the numerologist you have chosen will take the time to unearth your concerns and provide the answers you seek.

Tips from Our Numerologist Before Your Consultation

As numerologists who help many seek and identify their paths in life, we understand the chaos that reigns in the minds of people standing at a crossroad. When a single decision impacts your life to an extent such as this, we believe in providing the guidance we can to steer you in the right direction.

If you’re trying to find an online numerology consultation that matches your energy and gives you the answers you seek, here are some tips for our numerologists that could help.

Read up On Numerology and All That It Entails

While 4s are hardworking and persevering, they often forget to take a break. Working themselves to the ground is a common phenomenon that could turn into a setback. They also tend to expect too much from themselves, constantly being on edge to achieve the impossible.

Number 4 And Their Personalities

This is one way to make sure you’re not being hoodwinked. As numerologists ourselves, we encourage people to find out more about the art of numerology through readings and research so that they have all the right questions pertaining to their life and future when they come to us. In fact, we also provide certain courses for those seeking to study the mystic arts.

Keep An Open Mind

Many people who come to us are blinded by their beliefs that numerology is a false art. The more open you are to the practice and to the interpretations, the more you can gain with your online numerology consultation.

Remember, Nothing Comes Free

If you have heard of a numerologist providing free consultation, understand that it comes with a catch. No trusted numerologist will try to lure you with false claims of a free service. Be wise to see it for what it is and find a reliable numerologist to consult with.

About our numerologist – Sheelaa M Bajaj

Sheelaa M Bajaj has been providing numerology consultations to renowned celebrities and individuals for years with her accuracy and precision acknowledged by many known personalities. While Sheelaa ji provides face-to-face consultations in Bangalore at her office, she also offers online numerology consultations to be more accessible to others not residing in Bangalore.

Think you’re in dire need of consultation? Our doors are open! Contact us to send in your details and enquiry or book a consultation today.

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